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Tarot Cats by Ana Juan

30,20 €
sis. 24 % ALV

Pakkaus sisältää 78 kpl tarotkortteja ja opasvihkosen. Pakkauksen koko on 7*12,5*3 cm.

Cats have always been regarded as repeaters of magical power, surrounding everything with mystery, elegance and a sense of the divine. Ana Juan is a Madrid illustrator whose work has appeared in countless magazines and newspapers - just think of the famous The New Yorker -, in books and covers, posters and more. Ana Juan creates her works with acrylics, charcoals and colored pencils, bringing each illustration to life with a sense of grace and silent power.

By Ana Juan. 78 cards, 60x110 mm.

Instructions. Multilingual edition by the Fournier.


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