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The Oracle of Portals by Tess Whitehurst

29,90 €
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Traversing Gateways of Power and Possibility

Pakkaus sisältää 44 kpl englanninkielistä viestikorttia ja 148-sivuisen opaskirjasen. Pakkauksen koko on 12,5*17*3,3 cm.

Between what is and what may be, are the realms of possibility. Open the door and step through to behold the dreams that call to you. You are forever on the threshold of becoming, and now you can navigate the liminal spaces to open the gateways to your brighter future. Journey through and explore this beautifully illustrated 44-card set, with 148-page guidebook and let your pathway unfold.

Artwork by Laila Savolainen.

Artist Laila Savolainen’s days and dreams are filled with nature and infinite magic. On her creative journey, Laila has been a student and teacher of art therapy and counselling, energy healing, and oracle readings. Her fine art and commercial artistry can be found in stores, theatres and private art collections worldwide. Laila’s creations continue to straddle the corporeal and the magical in-between. Her artworks are featured in Star Temple Oracle, Water Temple Oracle, The Oracle of Portals, Astrology Oracle, and more!

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