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The Gentle Thrills Tarot by Isa Beniston

31,90 €
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A 78-Card Deck + Guidebook

Pakkaus sisältää 78 kpl englanninkielisiä tarotkortteja ja opaskirjasen. Pakkauksen koko on 10*13,5*4,5 cm.

Commune with the Universe

Hand-painted in 2020 during the first weeks of quarantine, this bright and vibrant tarot deck for the modern card reader is a connection to the universe and a light for anyone who has ever searched for meaning in the darkness.

The Gentle Thrills Tarot is a tool to connect both outward to the universe and inward to your intuition with its weird, wonderous, and whimsical messages. Rooted in traditional tarot archetypes, this deck offers bold and fresh artwork in saturated color to catch the attention of the modern tarot reader. The simple, beginner-friendly guidebook includes two words for each card meaning—one for uprights and one for reversals—as well as the astrological and elemental correlations.

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