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The Herbal Astrology Oracle by Adriana Ayales

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Artwork by Joséphine Klerks

Pakkaus sisältää 55 kpl englanninkielisiä viestikortteja ja opaskirjasen. Pakkauksen koko on 10*13,5*4,5 cm.

An oracle deck that opens an ancient portal into the energy and healing power that connects the stars above us and the plants growing from the earth.

"As above, so below..."
Deepen your connection to the soul of nature—the anima mundi—with this 55-card oracle deck that alchemizes the ancient healing power of plants and the wisdom of astrology.

Since ancient times sages, shamans, and medicine peoples from Indigenous herbal traditions around the world have used astrological correspondences to work with the power of plants, both in divination and in healing. Plants grow and thrive or wither and sicken under cosmological influence just like we do.

Each richly illustrated card in this oracle deck is a wise plant ally and each guidebook entry illuminates the traditional uses, planetary correspondences, and the spiritual meaning behind each plant's energetic healing power to guide you along the winding path to healing, connection, and purpose.

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TUOTENUMERO: 9781401969035