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Wisdom from the Epics of Hind by Pankhuri Agarwal

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Pakkaus sisältää 50 kpl englanninkielisiä viestikortteja ja 172-sivuisen opaskirjasen. Pakkauksen koko on 11*14*3,7 cm.

This intriguing set presents insight from Indian stories, teachings, sutras and legends, as well as the wisdom from the classic Hindu epics the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The colorful 50-card deck includes 25 female and 25 male cards. For each, the illustrated book offers the story synopsis, questions to explore, actions to take, and messages for the reader. Wisdom from the Epics of Hind can be used by anyone as a dynamic self-help tool for therapeutic purposes or as a powerful oracle deck for divination and inspiration. Includes 50 cards and 172-page book.

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