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The Wisdom of Oracle Divination Cards by Colette-Baron Reid

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Divination Cards - A 52-Card Deck and Guidebook

Pakkaus sisältää 52 kpl englanninkielisiä viestikortteja ja 204 sivuisen opaskirjasen. Pakkauksen koko on 10*13,8*4,8 cm.

Colette Baron-Reid has expertly blended elements of the I-Ching, Norse runes, traditional tarot, and other ancient divination tools into a sacred communication system: Wisdom of the Oracle. This 52-card deck and companion guidebook will allow you to interpret messages about all aspects of your journey, with over 250 independent meanings that can speak to an unlimited number of circumstances. Imagery of animals, the elements of nature, and other potent symbols will touch you deeply so that a soulful dialogue about your life can take place.

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TUOTENUMERO: 9781401946425