Kamal: Reiki Whale Dreaming

Kamal: Reiki Whale Dreaming
Kamal: Reiki Whale Dreaming
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Levyn kesto 60:51 minuuttia. Soveltuu erinomaisesti hoitotyöskentelyyn ja meditaatioon taustamusiikiksi.

1. Northern Lights (8:34)

2. The Yearning (8:23)

3. Initiation (6:50)

4. Raga for a Whale (3:37)

5. The Whale who Dreamt the Sea (11:30)

6. A Whispering Dream (6:16)

7. The Healing Waters (9.24)

8. Coming Home (6:17)

Reiki Whale Dreaming transports you on a beautiful journey to complete relaxation and a state of serenity that seems to have no end. You float on a wave of beautiful and soulful whale sounds together with a variety of soothing and harmonious musical tones into a state of healing tranquility. It is a perfect accompaniment for Reiki and deep meditation.