Llewellyn: Journey Through Time

Llewellyn: Journey Through Time
Llewellyn: Journey Through Time
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Levyn kesto 52 minuuttia. Levyllä mukana akustinen kitara, piano, didgeridoo, sadetikku...

Journey through Time is visionary, with lively performance and gentle, reflective moments. Llewellyn uses a kaleidoscope of instrumentation, multi-layering the sounds of acoustic guitars, piano, voices, strings, didgeridoo, rainsticks and drums to paint her entrancing beauty.

1 Time Temptress

2 Tang Dynasty

3 The Ancients

4 Time Waits for no Man

5 Travelling

6 The Teacher

7 True Spirit

8 Armegeddon

The tranquil 'Tang Dynasty' leads to the powerful and passionate 'Armageddon'. Llewellyn allowed the intercession of the energies of purple healing-plates to guide his composition, rarely sleeping for more that a few hours at a time, he has again crafted a magical & befitting album.