Mike Rowland: Fairy Ring

Mike Rowland: Fairy Ring
Mike Rowland: Fairy Ring
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Levyn kesto 44:30 minuuttia. Ihanaa keijun keveää pilipatusta KuuKorento tykkää!

1 The Fairy Ring (One) 22:30

2 The Fairy Ring (Two) 22:00

One of the best selling recordings of all time, this flowing calm music, performed on the piano and strings, has no turbulence, and is as relaxing as any music can be. Inspired by a sensitive attunement to the forces of nature, Mike Rowland's improvisations seem to float in the air while gently revolving around a core of soft melodies and wistful harmonies. The result is magical! An immensely popular release with unlimited appeal. The basis of the music is made up of piano with chords and strings intertwining and being played over the top. Many will find it ideally suited to their relaxation or healing activities, but others may find it a little dated, as although beautiful and restful, it is the kind of music that has become typical of the new age music movement.