Michel Pépé: Harmonia Celesta (2012)

Michel Pépé: Harmonia Celesta (2012)
Michel Pépé: Harmonia Celesta (2012)
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'Harmonia Celesta' is the 3rd part of the collaboration between Michel Pépé and Logos (Stephen Sicard). The meeting of their respective talent reveals a bright and inspired album where the sacred merges into the celestial immensity.

A remarkable work that gives us a sense of serenity and harmony and participates in the advent of the new consciousness. Violin, piano, harp, cello, pan flutes and transverse, guitar, oboe, clarinet, vocals, crystalline sounds.

1. Eternal Horizons

2. Starry Night

3. Mountain Fairy

4. The Path of the Just

5. The Angel of Dream

6. The Dance of the Moon

7. Light on the Path

8. Sage Vision

9. Back to the Source

10. Angélique Call

11. The size of the Heart

12. The Mother Nightlights

13. A Moment of Peace

14. Heavenly anthem

15. Rosa Mystica