Llewellyn: Dawn Chorus

Llewellyn: Dawn Chorus
Llewellyn: Dawn Chorus
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Levyn kesto 50 minuuttia.

1 The naturally soothing sound of birdsong such as the willow-warbler, robin and songthrush. (25:18)

2 A virtual choir of birds to help carry you cares away, with soft, gentle music from Llewellyn on keyboards and guitar. Featuring the songs of blackbirds, jackdaws, thrushes and the cuckoo, to name but a few. (25:03)

New Beginnings are proud to bring you some of the most relaxing sounds known to man, the sounds of Nature itself. Allow the sound of birdsong to carry you to a wooded glade at the heart of the forest, where time stands still and the harmonics of nature are all that can be heard. Relaxation on this level can aid calm and restful sleep lowering blood pressure and reducing the build-up of anxiety, something experienced by so many in this day and age.