Michel Pépé: Immensité (2010)

Michel Pépé: Immensité (2010)
Michel Pépé: Immensité (2010)
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Tuotenumero immensite

Kesto 74 minuuttia.

Levyllä viulu, harppu, piano, huilu, erhu, cello, oboe ja kitara.

'Immensity' is a sparkling and beautiful mural in tribute to the infinite beauty of creation.
A rich and impressive musical work, full of peace, freedom and harmony.  Violin, harp, piano, flute , Asian and Irish, erhu, cello, oboe, guitar, vocals, and crystalline sounds of nature.

1. New Arc-en-Ciel
2. Fairy Glade
3. Wonder
4. The Gardens of the World
5. Fountains of Beauty
6. The Dome of Light
7. Hands of Grace
8. Heavenly Union
9. The Heart Angels
10. The Ascension
11. Lord Enchantment
12. Festivities
13. The Skylight Radiant
14. Sweet Elixir
15. The Alpha and Omega