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Tony O'Connor: Lovesong

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"This album is a true self indulgence. I wrote each piece for my wife and partner Jacqui. I think Lovesong features some of the most beautiful melodies I've ever written. It was also a time when I had returned to my original musical passion - playing the guitar - so there is a lot of guitar work throughout the recording. To bring the strong, emotive quality out of each piece, I selected bass flutes, gentle strings and piano. Whether you use this album to help set a romantic mood - as many listeners have told me they indeed do - or whether you simply enjoy it as a contemporary instrumnental CD, I sincerely hope that you sense the honesty and gentleness that was put in to every note." - Tony O'Connor

1. Sun Dancing

2. Silhouettes

3. All of My Life

4. Thoughts of You

5. Tenderness

6. Captured Moments

7. Reaching Out

8. Whispering (a lovesong)

  • Malli: 9317339000177