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Medwyn Goodall: Music for Healing

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Levyn kesto 50 minuuttia.

A gently plucked acoustic guitar intimately and softly plays whilst you relax, let go and visualise light filling your body. Release your worries; clear away the issues that clutter your thoughts and be calm. Special layers of ambient synthesised textures suggest light and energy, that surge and swell around the soft tone of the guitar. Visualise a stream of healing light pouring over you, recognise that your body knows how to heal itself. Imagine all the negative thoughts and pain you carry rising out of your body and dissolving, be refreshed and revitalised.

1. Relax

2. Let Thought In

3. Release

4. Heal

5. Revitalise

6 - 10 as tracks 1 - 5 skilfully blended with authentic birdsong

  • Malli: GOODALL