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KuuKorento - Kevyemmin Siivin

Native American Dream - Tribute to the Tribal Spirit (Various Artists)

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Levyn kesto 61 minuuttia.

1 Spirit Dancer - Medwyn Goodall (from GREAT SPIRIT)

2 Sun Drumming - Medwyn Goodall (from MEDICINE WOMAN)

3 The Healing Circle - Phil Thornton (from SHAMAN)

4 Moonstone - Wolf (from MEDICINE DANCE)

5 Eagle Spirit - Medwyn Goodall (from EAGLE SPIRIT)

6 Song of the Earth - John Richardson (from SPIRIT OF THE REDMAN)

7 Song of the Water - John Richardson (from SPIRIT OF THE REDMAN II)

8 Song of the Fire - John Richardson (from SPIRIT OF THE REDMAN II)

A musical tribute pays homage to the remembered dreams of the Native American Indians. Through evocative chant, skin drums and hauntingly beautiful instrumentation, the listener is drawn into a world of sacred communion and visionary healing, keeping the Tribal Spirit alive in us all

This album is evocative as although it does include authentic soundbites, speech and instruments the central compositions are by westerners. There are four different artists on this album as it is a compilation album made up of some of the most popular tracks from other Native American albums. The album does though have a feel that the people making the music really do have respect for the Native American spirit. It is a good album to listen to and has been on the New World Music best seller lists for some time.

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