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Deuter: Sun Spirit

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Aurinkoisen levyn kesto 57 minuuttia.

1 Zauberwald

2 Yellow Mandala

3 Sunlight Dancing

4 Apres la Pluie

5 Distant Islands

6 Horizon

7 Green Mandala

8 Sun Spirit

9 White bird, blue sky

 'The sun is the centre of our solar system and permeates everything with its light. It is the essence of the highest consciousness and radiates out the inner light of knowing. This music is a celebration of the times when we know we are alive, when we feel and breathe the joy of being.' - C.G. Deuter.

'Another extraordinary and long-awaited classic from Deuter. Reaching into the inner dimensions of the symbolism of the sun, Deuter masterfully creates music that manifests the solar power of positive diurnal consciousness. Listen to Sun Spirit and be illuminated.' - Manuella Dunn Mascetti, author of The Illustrated Rumi: Wisdom from the Poet of the Soul.

Deuter is trying to express the belief of the sun being a power and being all by itself, a being that can bring life and warmth. The cover sums it up well, the picture taken from Van Gogh's Olive Trees painted in 1889. This warmth is transmitted with pipes, flutes, keyboards, strings and African drums in a lazy Mediterranean-type feel. That said, we feel it is too varied for meditation music but may be ideal for calming background music when you are trying to 'slow down'.

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