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KuuKorento - Kevyemmin Siivin

Juliana: Woman Wisdom (Produced by Llewellyn)

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Levyn kesto noin 49 minuuttia. Levyn on tuottanyt Llewellyn.

'Stunning vocals... Woman wisdom is a great example of Juliana's rare and wonderful talent' - Terry Oldfield

1 Runs with the Wind (5:07)

2 Arianna (5:37)

3 Marble Halls (4:43)

4 Sacred Lake (6:57)

5 Mermaids (7:23)

6 Woman Wisdom (4:31)

7 Lapis Heart (3:42)

8 Guardian Angel (4:56)

9 Wonders of Life (5:33)

Music of magical beauty combining the heavenly vocals of Juliana and the ethereal musical mastery of Llewellyn. Juliana is rapidly becoming one of the finest new age singers since Enya with her pristine harmonies and pure angelic tone.

Woman Wisdom features personal songs about spirit guides, guardian angels, healing crystals, animals, self-belief, and includes favourite myths and legends about the Celts and Mermaids. It also features a version of the Enya classic 'Marble Halls'.

Woman Wisdom is a personal spiritual journey that hopefully reawakens through music and voice, a little wisdom that is inside all of us.

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