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KuuKorento - Kevyemmin Siivin

Deuter, Kamal & Anugama: Reiki Wellness

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Levyn kesto 52 minuuttia.

1. Flowing - Deuter (5:28)

2. Whale Dreaming - Kamal (11:04)

3. Magic Flow - Anugama (16:01)

4. Healing Circle - Deuter (12:04)

5. Travellers of the Sea - Kamal (8:49)

6. Dreamcatcher - Kamal (9:10)

7. Blessing - Deuter (6:24)

REIKI, the Japanese word for universal life force energy, is a powerful and subtle technique used to return the energies of the body into balance. Since its discovery in the 1880s by Japanese Christian minister Dr. Mikao Usui, Reiki has been embraced by millions of people worldwide who have discovered its extraordinary healing properties.

This authentic collection of music is designed to accompany the practice of Reiki and other healing arts. Reiki Wellness is suitable for creating a serene and relaxing environment: to be used by bodyworkers, spa therapists and massage practitioners.

'This CD opens a space that transmits the heart and soul of Reiki more deeply than I ever felt before.' - Ghata Engels - Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition

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