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KuuKorento - Kevyemmin Siivin

Anuvida & Nik Tyndall: Reiki Healing Hands

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Levyn kesto 50 minuuttia. Suunniteltu avuksi reikihoitoihin: Levyssä soi kolmen minuutin välein kevyt kilahdus, joka ei häiritse, mutta ei myöskään jää huomaamatta.

1 Point of Departure

2 Empty Sky

3 Circle of Light

4 Tao of Heaven

5 Like the Ocean

50 minutes of meditative and continuous Reiki music. Instruments: Kiboe harp and keyboards, supported by environmental sounds. You will hear every three minutes the delicate sound of a small bell. This music is specially created to support a spiritual environment and is also very suitable for bodywork, trance and meditation.

The bell that marks the three minute intervals is very light and does not interfere with the overall ambience, but is loud enough not to be missed. This music drifts, with harp and other melodies. The changing of tracks is marked by the sounds of the sea, which carries one track onto the next. A best seller that is used by healers of all kinds.

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